We want to let you in on a big secret.  Most copier companies are looking to make as much as they can off of you.


Confessions of a Copier Sales Guy #1

I boost my commission by selling you pre-paid prints that you might not even need.  If I “like” you, I might even put you in the next biggest volume band and show you a “discount.”  But when you calculate your actual cost per print, you’ll be shocked to find out that you’re actually paying more.

I wanna sleazy used car salesman guido persona here.

These are just a few ways these guys get you….

Pre-Paid Prints

Why do you have to buy prints you might not use?  Does it make sense to pay interest on unused prints, too?  Your actual cost per print is probably a lot more than you think it is.

Transactions aren't transparent

When’s your lease REALLY up?  Does it auto renew?  How do you return your old copier to the leasing company?  What you don’t know WILL be used against you.

Pssst….this is confession #2….

Who's REALLY doing your service?

It’s obvious that you won’t get service from the sales guy.  But where are the service techs?  Sales Agents rely on the manufacturer to handle service.  Branch offices often dispatch from HQ.  Both options are often many hours away.

The Inacom Advantage

We're different.  We want to save you money.  Reduce your print volume.  And make you more productive.

Fully Transparent

We want you to make your best decision.  So we're fully transparent.  We're even offering to show you the dirty tricks used by copier sales guys!  How's that for a first impression?

No pre-payments

Our maintenance plans just have you buy the prints you need, when you use them.  You always know your cost per print, because you only pay for prints you make.  And you NEVER pay interest on them.

Amazing Service

Delmarva gets four hour response times to critical copier issues.  Free loaner MFPs if you need one.  And we have Plenty of techs across the Delmarva Peninsula to provide help when you need it.

We're Technology Experts

We've been providing business IT services since 1982.  We're hard core experts on managing data networks and integrating our copiers with line of business apps, cloud services, and most any other network resource.

Apps and App Developers

When we say we're technology experts, we mean it.  We even have application developers on staff.  They can write custom software that you access from the copier panel.  Scan documents right from the copier to your line of business software, instead of going back to your PC to finish the task.  Create workflows that digitize, organize, notify, route, and store automatically.  Heck...tell the MFP to make you coffee.  You'd be surprised how flexible Sharp's Open Systems Architecture can be.

Real people. All the time.

We make working with Inacom really easy.  When you call, a real person answers the phone.  We don't expect you to navigate calling menus, sit on hold a long time, leave voicemails, or even complete web forms.  Just tell a real person the issue, and we own it until the problem is solved.

Looking for new MFPs now? We'd like to give you at least $500 to switch.

Inacom has competitive takedown funding to help you move to Sharp copiers.  If your organization currently has  RicohSavin, Xerox, or Canon MFPs in service and on lease, you likely qualify for this incentive from Sharp.



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